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Dom & Marisha

Last week I visited Sydney for the first time since Jodie & I moved to Melbourne in 2004. My youngest brother Dom works for Holland America Cruise Lines & was in town for one night. His partner, Marisha, is a Broadway singer & travels with company often. So…….I haven’t seen my brother in two years….

  • Craig

    How cool. Not only did you get to catch up but you were also to capture some great memories. I love the light in the 5th shot and that last shot is very clever 🙂

  • Lyncho, We both love your work and your crazy talented, not just saying that because your my bro but keep up the good work,catch you soon

    Dom and Marisha

  • What a great walk that must have been – you’ve captured the moment. I bet you are glad that you took your camera. I can feel the love. Your work is seriously good.

Andy Frame

I just wanted to note the sad passing of Andy Frame. As one of the speakers at his funeral said, he has had “a cosmic change of address”, and all of those who knew Andy will miss him greatly. I hadn’t known Andy for long, barely a year. But he always made me smile with…

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  • This is a fine tribute to a life well lived. The light and the love is strong and the emotion abounds. A truly special record of the celebration of life.