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The Family Unit {North Coast Family Photographer}

I may have already mentioned somewhere what a fascination I have with the intricacies of family. In all the shapes & sizes it comes. Over the last week we were welcomed into two families, the Powell’s & the Adam’s. Both were celebrating life, in different ways. Siena Luisa Adam was christened at the beautiful Catholic…

Things I have learnt from children this week { North Coast Children’s Photographer}

When you are excited, let everyone know! Keep looking, don’t give up. You will find what you seek. When someone gives you something, even if you don’t want it or it’s just a pair of sunglasses be happy, show your enthusiasm. If someone offers you a shoulder on which to lean…… or gives you a…

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  • Your honesty about learning from children is refreshing and insightful – their honesty is spontaneous.