A big post with lots to say…..

I have fallen way behind on this blog so in an attempt to rectify the situation I will run through most of what we have been doing for the last five weeks.

We spent Mothers Day down in Brooms Head. We used to camp here as kids & it is still as idyllic & beautiful now as it was back then. It is also the scene for Emma & Luke’s wedding next March.



Man it was cold!


I am fortunate to be the photographer for the Nature Conservation Trust of NSW & am able to help them continue their work maintaining & selling wilderness properties throughout the state. In the second week of May, Justin McDowell from the NCT & myself spent three days on properties out near Bingara. It is some of the most spectacular countryside in the state & we were treated to gorgeous weather. We stayed the night in Bingara & then camped on one of the properties after that.




When we rose at 4.15 am it was -4C & I have never packed up a tent so quickly. It was worth it though as we got to drink real espresso coffee while photographing the sunrise over Little Bald Rock. Justin is someone who can make almost anything seem interesting, & I swear he knows the botanical names of every tree, plant, bush piece of scrub that we saw. Incredible!



When Crystal & Jason married in April it was too wet to hold the wedding on their gorgeous property as Coffee Camp. So we did what any self respecting photographer would do. We went back out there when it dried up. Crystal’s dress was already half way to being trashed after the Mustang burnout at the HWNS so I won’t call it a Trash the Dress session. But it certainly was beautiful…..







I then travelled to Coffs Harbour to hang out at Gumnut Cottage Chidcare Centre & photograph the beautiful children there.




_mg_0187-copy For the first two days I was there it was as though the sun had set forever. It was nearly too dark to handhold a camera outdoors. Lismore nearly went under in the floods & I had to drive back through cyclonic winds & water up to our car door, praying I wouldn’t stall. So the only thing to do was to return & finish the job.









And the sun shone…. Yay! Robyn & all the girls were so beautiful & willing to help & have such obvious love for their children it was an absolute pleasure to be there.

Still in Coffs we caught up on a couple of family shoots.

Erin, Karen & Molly…..20090604_0313-copy



We collaborated with Mark from North Coast Group Training on a multimedia project, & photographed his beautiful family.





I spent a lot of time with a lady named Joan when I was very young. She babysat me & lived next door to us until I turned three. A couple of weeks ago she turned 90. Now that is impressive in anyone’s language! Her daughters arranged a surprise party for her in Casino.


It was an extraordinary day for many reasons but one thing that really made me think hard was the fact she had two friends there who had all attended primary school together. They had stayed in touch & been friends for the best part of 85 years. At my age it is hard to imagine this as I don’t even see many people I was in high school with


Happy Birthday Joan!!!! All our love & best wishes for the future.

Next we hung out with Margaret & Chris…



And Sandy……


and the Archibald family…..



Our favourite charity is undoubtedly Our Kids, not just the nature of it but for the people involved & their inspirational hard work. We attended the Elegant Winter Ball at The Lismore Turf Club, & it certainly was just that.If we photgraphed you there the images can be viewed here.


One of the most extraordinary things was the transformation of the venue from sodden & waterlogged during the week to sparkling & magnificent. Wendy Ryder is truly one of the hardest working people in the industry. During our time overseas, Jodie & I worked in management in event hospitality. We travelled everywhere around the UK working at Millenium Stadium Cardiff, Arsenal FC, Twickenham, the Millenium Dome, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Lords, The Oval etc etc & I DID NOT meet anyone that can pull off an event like Wendy.

In the midst of all this we had the worst weekend of our lives. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Dave. My heart broke so completely & I felt like a failure. Grief is relative but so is love. Long ago I learnt that chasing happiness as a dream is a fallacy & that life is about growing & strengthening yourself through experience & that real happiness must be shared when we have it. But I don’t want to feel this bad again. Why do you feel & notice someone more when they are not around?


  • Wow! Mega post… Life is an adventure and this catch up post is a testament to that. I love how a trail of amazing images and precious memories always follow in your wake. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Such appropriate words to catch the moment for children. Emotions rise to the surface when I look at your beautiful images. Perhaps there’s an inspirational book to come?

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