Bek & Michael { Rosebank Wedding Photographer }

” My favourite place is me & you “

Kate Miller-Heidke

Yesterday the rain eased & the clouds thinned for just enough time………. Bek & Michael laughed, cried, told stories, kissed, hugged & exchanged vows in the glorious Rosebank sunshine. The countries of Canada &  Australia have never felt so close as the warmth of the Day family of Vancouver was embraced by the wonderful Warnock family, previously of Canberra but now residing here in the Northern Rivers of NSW. In a day of great beauty, where staggeringly beautiful friendships &  family collided like two atoms meant for each other, this was one of my favourite moments. Bek’s brother Jono, the biggest, toughest softie in the whole place, could not get over how much he was crying from the time he woke, til now, when he told his sister how much he had been crying &. I suspect, how much he loved her.

Beautiful symbolism had begun with a massive rainbow at dawn, followed by the birth of ducklings ……new life & new lives.

The preparations had begun at different ends of the spectrum…….

Sierra & Jada waiting, waiting, patiently…

The Kissing Tree was well patronised…..

That beautiful red soil at Rosebank had become treacherous………the walk to the dunnies was fraught with danger

Speeches that brought the house down.

Shaun & Carmel

Sue & John

Sally, Elisha & Bron

Mike’s sisters Louise & Alison made a presentation to remind Mike of what he would miss & who will miss him, now that he is living in Australia. It was one of the the funniest & heartfelt things I have seen at a wedding……

I will never forget Mike crying out “These are my sisters” , the proudest brother on the planet.

Beautiful Bron…..

Thank you for your time Bek, Michael, the Warnock family & the Day family & for having me. I was truly humbled to bear witness to the day. I look forward to putting together your album. Love Ben xoxoxo

  • michelle

    Thanks Ben for capturing the essence of the day so beautifully.

  • Kay

    WOW! Ben you are truly an artist!! You have recorded for time immortal the beautiful day that we were all were so honoured and privledged to share. The love, the friendship and the whole atmosphere is evident in your amazing and unique photoes of this amazing and unique union. Congratulations.

  • Bron

    Amazing Ben, you truly are a talented photographer you captured everything so beautifully. Thankyou for your calm and helpful manner on the day Mike and Becky are so lucky to have such beautiful photos to remember their beautiful day. You even managed to made me look half decent your a genius.

  • Thank you Ben you gave us some beautiful memories of a beautiful wedding to cherish

  • Lynette Traynor

    Morning Ben,
    Simply beautiful, you captured which I’m sure is a loving and close family……Very touched by your photography and captions. Thank you

  • what a treat to look at! Totally enjoyed every single image. I love how honest they are, and the laughing ones brought a smile to my face. So glad I’ve found your blog! 🙂

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