Emptiness & moving.


Recently we experienced the undoubted pleasure of moving house. It seemed to go forever, but as always once done it was very satisfying. Moving always makes me think a lot about the nature of memory & the vacuum of time. About how we inhabit a space & how it inhabits us.

I had to dig out a photo I took of Jodie when we moved from Sydney to Melbourne in 2005. (Tech note: it is a scan of a Fuji Neopan 1600 file frame taken on my beautiful EOS 3) It was taken after all our furniture had been taken away & we were killing time before our flight. Compositionally it breaks a few rules, as Jodie is staring out of frame rather than into the negative space. But to me this represents a willingness to look forward rather than back & embrace the future. We are all products of our past & the way we view the world is shaped by our experiences.

Once we have lived somewhere & then left, all that we experienced while there, all the laughter, love & tears exist only in our mind as part of us & as a memory. There is nothing there of ours or of me now & whoever lives there would see it the place very differently. It is not what happened so much as my reaction to it & how it made me feel that that lives in my mind.

This is one of my favourite photos not just because it is a record of a period in our lives but because it always makes me think of the nature of memory & what we take with us when we leave somewhere.

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  • What a beautiful insight into the twists and turns of life. Ben, what ever life hands you, you seem to have the nack of being philosophical and look through your lens! I admire your talented photography and your ability to verbalise and interpret situations.

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