Half a century in a weekend……… { Northern Rivers Family Photographer }

“Love at first sight is easy to understand. It is when two people have been looking at each other for years that it becomes a miracle.

Sam Levenson

Last weekend we got to spend our time with two families, The Mulcahy’s & the Fitness’s, both of whom had special reason to celebrate. Incredibly both families were celebrating 50 years of marriage & reflecting on lives lived to the fullest.

Bev & Peter

Mary & John

Later this year Cathie & Pete will marry so it was a chance to spend some time with them

It’s amazing the lives that two people can create, together & for each other

On saturday in Brunswick Heads, even the big kids got into the bubbles

We rounded out Sunday morning at Boulder’s Beach with ominous skyline as a back drop looking as though it had been painted there just for Cathie & Pete.

All the Fitness grandchildren in the beautiful luminance of the morning light at Seven Mile beach.

Now I must make special mention of Riley, who has a trademark on this smile. You see Riley will be pageboy in October & he is practising hard, so hard I reckon he could not wipe it off if you tried.

It’s beautiful when two people are in sync & we cannot wait for the wedding in October.

It was a fantastic weekend & the time spent with these two families was life affirming. Thank you for sharing.

Love Ben & Jodie xoxoxo

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