A very warm weekend {North Coast Family Photographer}


Can’t say I was unhappy the weekend was over or that we didn’t have any weddings to shoot. Apart from the searing heat it meant we could photograph two beautiful families. The beach & the country, the best of both parts of our beautiful region.  There aren’t too many jobs in which you can work bare foot. Bliss!

20091121-_MG_1995 copy The gorgeous Lucy, Saturday morning.

20091122-_MG_2328 copy

Beautiful Bella, Sunday afternoon, with the biggest eyes this side of Forest Lake!

20091121-_MG_2174 copy

20091121-_MG_9725 copy

20091121-_MG_2215 copy

The Taylor family have been rescheduled a few times but this weekend we got it right. It was 34 degrees at 9am in Lennox on Saturday morning. But it certainly didn’t bother these beautiful children, or Nikki & Ray for that matter.

20091121-_MG_2249 copy

20091121-_MG_2125 copy

20091121-_MG_2163 copy

20091121-_MG_9696 copy

Jack busting out a cartwheel.

20091121-_MG_2086 copy

20091121-_MG_1959 copy

20091121-_MG_1929 copy

20091121-_MG_1830-Edit copy

So glad you all had tonnes of fun, we did too. Thank you & see you on Sunday.

20091122-_MG_2403 copy

I have already photographed this dazzling three some at First Steps. but on Sunday we had a bit more time to let things flow & got to meet Kirstin & Andrew as well, not to mention their two beautiful husky’s.

20091122-_MG_2378 copy

20091122-_MG_2641 copy

Big brother Hayden

20091122-_MG_2644-Edit copy

20091122-_MG_2633 copy


20091122-_MG_2620 copy

Bella & Dante

20091122-_MG_2669 copy

20091122-_MG_2544 copy

20091122-_MG_0114 copy

Neo getting rocked into a trance on the trampoline.

20091122-_MG_2589 copy

Andrew & Hayden

20091122-_MG_2557 copy

20091122-_MG_2731 copy

The heat had wore everyone out, & it was dinner time…..

20091122-_MG_2782 copy

One last photo in front of home.

20091122-_MG_2823-Edit copy

Thanks so much for a beautiful afternoon, I am so glad it was you guys, as I said. See you all soon.

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