Kids Do the Cutest Things {North Coast Children’s Photographer}

Kids do, don’t they? They do the cutest things. 20091027-_MG_5006 copy

Our philosophy on photographing children is simple.

20091027-_MG_4856 copy

20091028-_MG_5398 copy

Children are people, albeit little ones. You don’t patronise your children, so we don’t either.

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We don’t look down on them, or talk down to them. They have good days & bad days, just like we do. They experience a range of emotions at any given time.

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20091026-_MG_3918 copy

Observe them, talk to them, ask questions ( they will let you know what they like, & what they don’t like) & most importantly meet them at their level & listen to them. No one likes it when someone doesn’t listen to them.

20091029-_MG_6700 copy

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Just like everyone else that we meet, children can teach us a lot, about ourselves & about people. They don’t pull any punches & shoot straight from the hip.

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Having said all of that, when the moment comes you still have to make sure that you capture it!  If you are having a bad day, or are tempted to feel sorry for your self, I guarantee spending some time with children will realign your focus (so to speak) & put things into perspective.

Until next time.

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