Mick & Me { North Coast Music Photographer }

On Thursday I spent the afternoon with Mick McHugh. As far as photo shoots go, it felt more like hanging out with an old friend. All shoots are an organic, meandering record of time & some take on a life of their own as creativity & ideas flow & take concepts to places you don’t immediately envisage. This particular brief was simple – passion & honesty, maybe invoking the mood & sense of space of Ireland ( Mick’s birthplace ) while being on the North Coast of NSW, to show that creativity & musicianship is something you have inside & not dependant so much on where you are, but rather who you are & what you have to say.

Creativity is meaningless if you have nothing to say, & useless if it does not take you anywhere. Realising it is the journey & not the destination is the one of the first big steps towards in being confident in your art & being able to express yourself honestly & openly. We realised we both do what we do for the same reasons, & that we are both driven by a desire to communicate with the world & those around us, although in different mediums.

After some time in the CBD of Lismore we headed out to a friends house. Would the weather hold & give us the mood & drama in the late afternoon light that we had hoped for? Yep! Maybe a rainbow was asking too much??? Nope!

A window of 15 minutes was all we got, after which the clouds swallowed the sun & the delicate layers of dreamy, hazy light were flattened by a murky, half lit blanket. It was all we needed though & life was beautiful.

Mick plays regularly around the area & up & down the coast. Follow the link in the first paragraph & check him out if you love original, passionate & honest music & art. Bigger things are calling

  • Awesome photos Ben! Digging the first one in the field set with the sun flares a lot 🙂

  • Love this set of images. The way the mood matches the environment and the use of direct sunlight. Priceless!

  • Is this guy AMAZING or what…!
    And I’m not referring to Mick McHugh ; )

  • Natarsha Scarborough

    Ben…your photos leave me speechless…amazing……x

  • wow! these pics really capture Mick! brilliant work

  • wonderful work

  • Guy Parker

    Blessed with a rainbow…even if it wasn’t there it would still be a good shot!
    Great pics Ben.

  • These photos are electric – capturing mood, light, atmosphere and even such a moment in time with a rainbow. Hope that you both find a pot of gold that is supposed to be at the end of a rainbow.

  • pete hurford

    we met at the bat Port fairy surf club sunday morning bar ! Bar!
    I was impressed at your song writing ability and your songa ability! ……wish you luck, we appreciate your sincerity and your lyrics at port fairy folk festival free sessions surf club!! ……as we had death in the family and had cancelled our festival tickets .

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