Things I have learnt from children this week { North Coast Children’s Photographer}

Gabul-128 copy

When you are excited, let everyone know!

Mani-75 copy

Keep looking, don’t give up. You will find what you seek.

Gabul-22 copy

When someone gives you something, even if you don’t want it or it’s just a pair of sunglasses be happy, show your enthusiasm.

Family-2 copy

If someone offers you a shoulder on which to lean……

Family-105 copy

or gives you a compliment……..

Family-137 copyaccept it with open arms.

Winyum-42 copy

Enjoy the quiet times…..

Winyum-166 copy

Be good to yourself…….

Winyum-57 copy

Reflect often.

Gabul-91 copy

Enjoy your own company, if you can’t then who will??

Mani-83 copy

Even if you have to hide yourself just a bit……

Mani-69 copy

Winyum-104 copy

Always look up & remember to breathe. Life is good.

Winyum-47 copy

Always remember to see the wonder in everything…….

Family-40 copy

Cherish your family…….

Family-161 copy

And if you haven’t already today, tell someone you love them.

Many thanks to the children & staff at Sandhill’s Early Learning Centre Byron Bay. You are all beautiful.

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  • Your honesty about learning from children is refreshing and insightful – their honesty is spontaneous.

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