Me. By Me

I love photography. This is not, however, why I am a photographer.

I love life. I love people. I love the thing we call family & all its maddening intricacies & nuances. These are the reasons I am a photographer. The camera is a magical, marvelous tool, but only a tool. It is what the tool allows me to communicate that makes me a photographer.

I didn’t fall in love with photography at an early age. I didn’t grow up in my Dad’s darkroom, in fact he did not even have one. He taught maths at the local high school. Until I bought my first camera in 1999 I had hardly used one. My parents raised me & my two brothers with all the love they had & no one was particularly mean to me growing up, apart from the kid on the end of our street. I am pretty sure he went to jail years later.

For the record I love coffee, red wine & spicy food & have two of the three most days of the week.  I love cold, rainy days & my ugg boots although not so much if we have a wedding to shoot.

Having said all that, I was always fascinated by people & loved to observe them. How they talk with their bodies & their eyes. I always loved storytelling, & thought everybody had a story to tell.

I grew up in the Northern Rivers & left, as soon as I could, to see what the rest of the world looked like. Three years ago I returned, after marrying my best friend, the beautiful Jodie, in a garden near Daylesford, with the warm spring sunshine falling gently on our faces.

Now life makes a lot more sense ……..there is a third member of our little family. Elsie Isabel Lynch makes me wake up & with a smile & keep smiling during the day. She was born on the last day of Winter 2010& four hours after the birth all three of us were in our home to begin our lives together. Because one was not enough we now have the beautiful Maudie Rose, the girls love their sister, especially when they are not killing one another.

Ten years ago something began to eat me up. I realised that we all looked at things differently. I realized I could communicate how I saw the world, with a camera. I realized the power of emotional connection with a subject. I knew I had to find out if I could be really good, great even, at something that I loved. I bought a 35mm SLR, & a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400. I haven’t looked at things the same way since. I had a vehicle to take me somewhere and show who I am.

I now have the best job in the world. People pay me money to do something I love to do, because they love the way I look at the world.


They said, “You have a Blue Guitar.
You do not play things as they are”
The man said ”Things as they are,
Are changed upon the Blue Guitar”

Wallace Stevens,

The Man With The Blue Guitar


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